Monday, November 1, 2010

Headless Horseman

Halloween - seriously I love you.  You're my favorite holiday.  You signal the beginning of the holiday season but you reign supreme with your sauciness.

My own Halloween had some ups and downs - I loved the friend times but it was the first time seeing N since the break up and there were some awesome moments and some unbelievably lame moments which reminded me why the breakup occurred.  I think I needed that though.

But back to Halloween awesomeness.  I saw some really great costumes this year but I was surprised that the bar I went to Friday and the show that I went to Saturday had so few adults in costume.  People were seriously missing out.

Here is my outfit for Friday at work and the bar that followed it:

I was a ceiling fan.  I wanted something easy and comfortable and this was so fun.  

This also made the afternoon at work more fun.
We had a potluck and the boss brought in a cooler of beer around 4.
It was a great way to end the work week.

Here's my hair for the Saturday outfit.  I went with something Greek Goddess-ish.  I got some sparkly leaves that I cut and glued on a barrett and I curled my hair and used a braided headband.

I picked up this dress at a garage sale a couple months ago.  I loved it.  I love ruching and the color.  I'm already thinking of when I can wear it again.

Best part of the night - Cory Chisel's show.  I've seen him play so many times but this time he was able to take all of our requests and at the end of the night he let whoever wanted to come up and dance and sing on stage.  So.Much.Fun.

After the show my friends and I took over the dance floor while the band was loading up.  Then we had a mini photo shoot.  Susan the Queen of the Underground and I made fools of ourselves in the parking lot and I loved it.

Back to work today - blah.

I've loved seeing everyone's outfits.  Maybe I'll throw a couple costume parties before the end of the year.  I've got lots of random things in my closet that are dying for reasons to come out.

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